[VIDEO] Simon Sinek – What Makes A Successful Startup

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I’m a big fan of Simon Sinek and sometime ago shared a favourite TEDx Talk he did ‘How Great Leaders Inspire Action‘. Well here’s another inspirational short interview for those small business owners.

Well, we may not be the next Apple or Google but we did start nearly 8 years ago (yes, we’re still in business) with an idea. That idea was to offer business owners an alternative to having an employee do their business administration. So much of the work we did in the first few years was onsite. We were the temp’ but the temp’ who was able to return, got to know the client’s systems and procedures and they loved this! They didn’t need to keep retraining a different temp’ from an agency as is often the case.

On joining social media back in 2008 to market our service offerings and brand, is when the virtual side of the business really took off. We’ve been able to be flexible with what our clients are wanting and as Sinek points out, that path is constantly changing as new opportunities comes up, client’s needs change and technology evolves and changes.

What we can report is that our service offerings expand, our team of specialist virtual workers continues to grow and we have just experienced a 15% growth this financial year. The virtual space is looking healthy.

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