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Timeline for Facebook Business PagesI woke last Thursday to find Facebook had rolled out Timeline for Business Pages. Essentially the layout is much like Timeline for Profiles which I had already converted to so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed when they finally hit Pages. In no time, I received a flurry of emails, DMs, Facebook PMs from clients and contacts with queries and concerns about how the new Timeline might impact their Page. This post will cover some of the significant changes and resources which can assist you to make the transition for your Page. All Pages will automatically convert to Timeline on the 31 March, so best to start working on your Page now! I have to say, I am loving Timeline! The possibilities are endless and the layout is sophisticated.

Significant Changes

1. The most obvious is the new layout and the large space for a Cover Image which is a great opportunity to convey your business message.

2. Timeline is now the default landing when a Page is visited. So whilst a ‘welcome tab’ is still present it can no longer be made the default landing tab. The term “welcome tab” is now obsolete and all Apps are now featured ‘Tabs’.

3. The profile banner is also now condensed into a square profile picture which sits to the bottom left of the Cover Image.

4. You can rearrange the position of the App Tabs and add images and a call-to-action on some of the 3rd party installed or developer Apps.

You can check out how I have formatted the Interim Business Solutions Timeline Page with the above elements.


Due to the high volume of questions I’ve received, I decided to create a few video tutorials to point you in the right direction. One of the video tutorials can be viewed below – Your Timeline Facebook Page Admin Panel.

All Facebook – 7 Crucial Things About Timeline For Facebook Pages
Hyperarts – How to Engage Your Audience with the New Facebook Timeline for Pages
Inside Facebook – Timeline for Facebook pages: a complete overview of new features
Dreamgrow Digital – Facebook Cheat Sheet: Sizes and Dimensions

Timeline Support

If you find you’re overwhelmed by the new changes and need a hand to convert prior to 31 March, please contact our office. As a Virtual Assistant who specialises in social media marketing support, I’m here to assist and can prepare your Facebook Business Page for publishing in the following ways:

  • Add a custom designed Cover Image.
  • Ensure your Profile picture represents your business and is positioned correctly.
  • Arrange your Tab Apps in a relevant manner, add an image that best represents the Tab and add a call-to-action to entice a click through.
  • Set the most appropriate category for Timeline to display the best ‘About’ information.

So what are your initial thoughts about Timeline for Pages? Like? Dislike? I know, you’ve seen so many Facebook changes that you just go with the flow!

3 Responses to Timeline for Facebook Business Pages

  1. Hi Kirsty, I have a 20 year archive that I am looking to publish on a facebook page. Do you know if I upload an old photo, say from 1995, will the timeline display this from 1995, or the date of upload. If so, can I manipulate this????


  2. Hi Cameron, you would upload the photo and you can Edit dates. Alternatively, you can add as a Milestone if relevant. I’m yet to play with Milestones. I’ve been too busy assisting clients prepare their Pages to make the switch. There’s certainly a lot to explore!

  3. Terry French says:

    I have to say, I still have to get used to the Timeline. I think the previous layout was maybe a little plain but the Timeline is harder to read at a first glance, which makes me question its advantage when it comes to clients visiting the page. Information is somehow not straight away available, which could lead someone to frustration and eventually to abandon the page (worst case scenario, I know, but it’s still something we might have to deal with). I’m pretty sure it’s merely a question of time though, soon it will be familiar for everybody.

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