“Kirsty and the Interim Business Solutions team consistently provide my business the best support resources I have found worldwide. They pick up a task mid flight and effortlessly turn it around while the London team sleeps. This gives a start-up business the impression of having 24 hour resources. In addition to great virtual administration support, the social media management quality has been seamless with our brand – so much so it is difficult to remember a time before Kirsty and the team took charge.”

Karl Wood,


“One of my business associates referred me to Interim Business Solutions about 3 years ago, and I have been eternally grateful! I am kept fully informed about the work that Interim Business Solutions is doing for us from logging its receipt, to progress reports to delivery. Interim Business Solutions proactively identifies potential issues and suggests workable solutions. But above all, they just get it done efficiently and effectively. We have used Interim Business Solutions for a range of jobs from entering expenses to creating templates, writing reports, creating PowerPoint presentations, and entering data into spreadsheets. We haven’t found a job they couldn’t do yet, but we’re still trying!”

Andrew Birch,

Vantage Performance

“As anyone in small business knows, juggling multiple tasks at the same time is all par for the course – so having Kirsty and her team at Interim Business Solutions there to keep all the plates up and spinning while I focus on my core elements has been a saviour.”

Linda Fairbairn,

Journey Jottings

“Interim Business Solutions are a great asset for our business. We regularly seek their help on projects and they invariably add a great deal of value with advanced and specialist business communications knowledge. Interim Business Solutions get projects done with a minimum of fuss and in a short turn around. I heartily recommend their virtual business support services.”

Louise Dunham,

Placement Solutions

“I highly recommend Kirsty and her team of virtual assistants. Kirsty is a delight to work with and is reliable, proactive, efficient and always on the ball. We never need to give long briefs or go through several attempts to have a task complete, because Kirsty understands what is needed the first time, and even contributes excellent ideas. This was not at all what I expected of a virtual assistant. I have been pleasantly surprised!”

Phoebe Netto,

Pure Public Relations

“I first hired Kirsty in May 2011 and since then, she has become an integral part of my business. No task is too big or small and I can rely on Kirsty get it right, the first time. What’s more, Kirsty goes the extra mile to make suggestions on how we can improve how we work together, which I find invaluable.
I could go on all day! If you’re wondering if you can afford a VA, you should be wondering if you can afford not to. Let Kirsty do her thing and you will definitely save in the long run..”

Belinda Weaver,

Copywrite Matters

“Kirsty is the best ‘right arm’ you could ask for. She is bright, charming and most of all is brilliant at executing everything you give her with ease. What I love most about working with her is not only her attention to detail, but also her service ethic and initiative. She keeps me on my toes and is the very support I need as a solo-preneur. If you have any doubts or reservations about hiring a VA – Kirsty will put your mind at rest in her very first week with you! Her value far outweighs your perceived “worry about paying someone else to do what you could do. You are my shining star Kirsty.”

Shelley Rostlund,

Social Intelligence

“I am just about to self-publish my first book and wanted to use a range of social networking media to help in the marketing of the book and the associated blog and web site. My knowledge of things like Facebook and Twitter was virtually non-existent but fortunately, through previous business dealings with Interim Business Solutions, I knew about Kirsty and her profile, knowledge and skills in the online world. I have been mightily impressed by all facets of my recent interaction with Kirsty – she is knowledgeable, personable and very customer focused. She is a leader in an area where many need guidance. I would like to highly recommend her Social Media e-book – a great starting point if you are about to enter the “brave new world” of social networking. It is a great pleasure to recommend Kirsty and her team at Interim Business Solutions.”

Neil Butler,


“Kirsty Wilson is an efficient and effective personal assistant and administration resource for my businesses. I am constantly amazed by her professionalism, upbeat attitude and time management skills. Kirsty rocks!”

Rob Hartnett,

Selling Strategies International

“Hiring an individual in a Virtual role can seem daunting, but, with Kirsty there are “no worries”. She was happy to meet with me and quickly gained a clear understanding of my business. Even when she is not actively working on an assignment for me, she regularly contacts me with ideas that she has thought of. The turnaround of the work is amazing. I have no hesitation in recommending Kirsty, she is professional and efficient and we will continue to use her services in the future. Thank you Kirsty!”

Robyn Vogels,

Personnel Relocations

“Kirsty is an essential contributor to the success of my business. She is able to handle any request promptly, efficiently and cheerfully. Kirsty is not only responsive to the changing needs of my business, but is also proactive about predicting my requirements and offering services to suit. If she is not able to help directly, she will quickly source someone in her network to do the job. I would recommend Kirsty to anyonewho needs administrative support to help free their time to focus on business development and client service.”

Dr Monique Beedles,

Teak Yew

“It’s now been a few years since I wrote my first glowing testimonial about Kirsty and her wonderful services. I’m happy to say that after all those years Kirsty has continued to rock at what she does! In addition to the fantastic work she continues to do for my business, Kirsty now also helps me with many of my clients. Her expertise in Social Media has also helped me to learn and grow my business. 5 Stars to Kirsty for being . . . 1. Reliable 2. Efficient 3. Knowledgeable 4. Professional and . . . 5. Easy to work with. What more could you ask for?”

Irma Zimmermann,

Tell IT Media

“I admire Kirsty Wilson from Interim Business Solutions high level of competence, integrity and patience. As a small business owner who spends a lot of time “out of office” I engaged Kirsty’s services to give me a helping hand with administration duties which were starting to cause me some grief. In no time at all, Kirsty had implemented some easy to manage strategies and for that I am truly grateful.”

Debbie Alford,

Day 2 Day Personal Concierge

“I gave Kirsty a complex typing and data management job. She was able to get onto it immediately, understood the brief with minimum input and complete it fast and accurately. This was exactly what was needed, and I intend to use Kirsty’s services again. I have no hesitation in recommending her work.”

Justin Davies,


“Kirsty threw herself into the task enthusiastically and with obvious pleasure. I really felt like I had a business partner on my team, she so wanted it to be successful for me. In 5 days she’d over-delivered and was still looking for ways to help. By Day 2 I’d recommended her to someone else whom I know has also chosen to use her services. I would HIGHLY recommend Kirsty as an expert in raising the social media profile of small businesses.”

Chris Owen,

Pink Apple

“Working with Kirsty is a pleasure. Nothing is too much trouble and her turn-around times are excellent. I use her for web updates and other PA duties and I highly recommend her.”

Michael Harrison,

Strategies Plus

“Kirsty is professional, personable and effective. She is not afraid to take new challenges on, and when she does she does it well. She’s a wealth of knowledge and business advice, with great skills as well as excellent overall business knowledge. She is also reliable and trustworthy – she does what she says she’ll do when she said she’ll do it. I never hesitate to recommend her services.”

Rebecca Mezzino,

Clear Space

“Kirsty quickly understood my needs, and delivered results beyond my expectations. Her suggestions were spot on and she added real value, reducing my workload.”

Angela Esnouf,

Creating Order from Chaos


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