Making decisions is an important part of life. Most people can manage to make wise decisions if they have plenty of time to gather facts and ponder the various possibilities. However, often life does not allow for that kind of luxury. In business dealings and in life, frequently decisions have to be made now, on the spot, or the opportunity will be lost forever. Most people struggle to make good decisions when under stress. However, there are several easy ways to improve your decision making skills.

I may sound a little biased, but most VAs I know are super-talented! They are usually well-grounded, organised and fully committed to not only their business, but that of their clients. But because VAs work virtually, clients may often mistakenly see us as ‘mythical creatures’ who magically get their work done!

Your energy bills are too high. That’s not good business. To reflect progress on next month’s bills, consider the following steps to lower energy needs and costs.

When you are running your own business, you will want to keep your costs as low as possible in order to maximise your profits, as in some cases this will be your only source of income. You are able to save money on some of the expenses that are involved in the running of the business as these expenses are tax deductible which means your total tax liability can be reduced by the amount of money that you have spent on these items.

Business risk management can be described as a process of identifying, assessing and prioritizing risks. This is normally followed by economical and coordinated application of resources in a bid to minimize and finally control the impact and/or probability of unfortunate events. 5 tips that small business can use to this effect include…

Any business executive can attest to the fact that starting a new business is an enormous challenge that requires a huge commitment from the owner and top management staff. Given the grim statistics about the percentage of new businesses that fail, any entrepreneur seeking to beat the odds must carefully navigate the best path to […]

Make your new year resolution to check the ‘health’ of your business. It’s so easy to do. Most of us find early January to be our quiet time so it’s the perfect time to work ON your business rather than IN it. Here are 5 easy steps to review your business for the New Year.

Skype etiquetteSkype has been part of my business since its inception and I’ve been a big Skype fan since installing it more than 8 years ago. When it was still very much in its infancy! My early use was mostly for contact with friends in Europe, however that all changed when this virtual assistant business started in 2005.

Skype is now used on a daily basis for both cheap, if not free, phone calls and instant messaging (IM), however with its screen sharing feature…

Branding your Facebook PageCurrently, Facebook’s statistics page claims there are more than 800 million active users globally and this continues to grow monthly. Facebook constantly offers the user new experiences, tools and Apps and whilst this can at times be frustrating when you’re offering Facebook support to bewildered clients, it is a terrific tool to enhance networking, extend reach and expose your business brand – for FREE! So we can’t complain too much about the constant changes!

There are some key things you can do to ensure your Facebook Page is well branded for your business and here’s my list of 7 key features I offer to clients who have a Facebook business Page.

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