In a highly social world (online), if you haven’t branded your social media platforms, you need to do it – now. Your branding on your social media accounts (and all the newsletters you send out) remind your visitors who you are and what you do. And it’s vital that you make sure this is consistent across all platforms.

In 2008, my brother was travelling to Iceland and encouraged me to, ‘Join Twitter sis and I’ll keep you updated on our trip’. So I did. It was the early, early days of Social Media. I was already reluctantly ‘dabbling’ with Facebook, and had a dormant profile on LinkedIn.

Here’s 5 sure-fire ways to get your Social Media campaign kick-started.  For over six years now, I have been active on social media, promoting Interim Business Solutions and making valuable connections with other businesses. In fact, many of my referrals now come directly through my Twitter channels. Many people don’t realise that you don’t have […]

The most recent Social Media Revolution video is now out for 2015. Get this ‘…more people own a mobile device than a toothbrush!’ Yes, that’s right. It’s the era of mobile and ensuring your content is mobile optimised and targeted at not only the milennial generation who are growing up with this technology but also […]

If you write a blog or run a promotion, social media is a fantastic way to get your message out. But how often do you share your sales page or blog post? Once? Twice? One of the secrets to attracting traffic is consistent promotion.

Blog promotion matters. Creating a high quality blog is one thing but getting it in front of your readers is another. Creating a high quality piece and sitting around hoping that people will (somehow) find it is as good as not creating one.

Social media is successful and unsuccessful; success does not depend on products, service or size of a respective business. Often, what separate the good from god-awful engagements are particular mistakes, or worse ‘sins.’ Take note of the following social media transgressions.

By now, if you use any online social media platform, particularly Twitter, you’ve undoubtedly seen this symbol: #. So what does this little symbol actually do?
Twitter defines the # symbol, called a hashtag, as a symbol used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users many years ago as a way to categorise messages. It is a much easier way to find tweets you’d be interested in as Twitter’s popularity increases and more and more tweets are being shared.

I remember the good ol’ days when social media was new, exciting and highly addictive. Businesses, regardless of their size, were jumping on board and social media boomed. I want to ignite your excitement again by revealing my 5 proven methods to easily manage your daily tweets.

Almost every time I chat to clients, I discover new ways to help them save valuable time in their business. It often begins with a story. Here I share how a client uses our transcription service to turn his Google Hangouts (YouTube video) into text that can be used to get more marketing mileage.

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