Are you looking to stimulate online growth and engagement? You should be! In an ever-changing online environment, it’s hard to keep up with all the latest trends…Luckily for you, I’m onto it. One of the hottest digital marketing trends these days is what is known as visual content marketing. More and more people are now […]

If you’re a business owner who is still contemplating using social media but you don’t know where to start, you’re surprisingly not alone! However it’s now 2014 and social media isn’t a new concept anymore. In fact, it’s now viewed as mainstream media and has seemingly replaced the ‘traditional’ forms of marketing we once saw. Here are our 5 tips to stop you procrastinating and get you started with social media:

Last Thursday evening I was one of three panel members invited to participate in an open forum with local Camberwell business owners and traders. Given Melbourne put on some ridiculously wet weather, the turnout was pleasing with what felt like an almost full venue. Read more about the questions and discussions from the evening…

“Tag me on Facebook”. “Follow me on Twitter”. “Like my photo on Instagram”. “Reblog my post”. “Subscribe to my YouTube channel”. “Repin my photo on Pinterest”.

You’ve surely heard of the phrases above. And, most likely, you’ve heard of the loosely used term Social Media. Originally, it referred to the series of “conversations” that people have online. Now, it encompasses more than just conversations, it includes almost every online activity in existence—bookmarking, networking, sharing, posting, uploading, tagging, commenting, chatting, blogging, etc.

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