In 2008, my brother was travelling to Iceland and encouraged me to, ‘Join Twitter sis and I’ll keep you updated on our trip’. So I did. It was the early, early days of Social Media. I was already reluctantly ‘dabbling’ with Facebook, and had a dormant profile on LinkedIn.

I remember the good ol’ days when social media was new, exciting and highly addictive. Businesses, regardless of their size, were jumping on board and social media boomed. I want to ignite your excitement again by revealing my 5 proven methods to easily manage your daily tweets.

You have a business card – why wouldn’t you? The thing is, how do you get other people to share it? You put card holders in strategic places, hand them out at social functions, yet it feels like you’re working really hard and not hearing the phone ring. Maybe what you need is to make your card a little more shareable. Here are 6 strategies for designing a business card with sharability.

I am totally tooting my own trumpet today but I have something really exciting to share with you!

Interim Business Solutions has reached another milestone – 202 Twitter inquiries! I was going to share this with you at the 200 mark but another 2 jumped in so quickly and I wanted to acknowledge them too. Thanks to all of you who have helped me reach this amazing milestone in my business.

Is your business on Social Media? Are you getting mixed results with it? If so, you’re not alone. Over the years, I’ve seen many businesses struggle because they put too much emphasis on promoting their products and services and not enough effort into creating authentic ‘engagement.’ So what’s the difference?

Nett Magazine Cover Story - September 2012 IssueI had an exciting experience recently when I was tagged by a friend on Facebook to alert me to the fact I’d been published in the September Issue of the Nett Magazine, and it was the cover story! I had earlier responded to a call out by Source Bottle for business owners who’d had success with Twitter. I was interviewed by Gregor Stronach and subsequently included in a six page spread with a couple of other business owners. You can read the transcript below of the section of the article which I was included.

How to turn visibility into profitabilityMany people have attended a networking function or heard the term networking or word-of-mouth … but how do you create a word-of-mouth program for your business? In this webinar we will cover three specific topics so that you can turn your visibility into profitability.

Social media for businessMore than likely, you have some idea of what Social Media is about, and you could well be active in one or more of the social media communities. How do you choose what platforms to be involved in for your business, and which do you choose to leave alone? You can’t possibly be part of all the social media communities that are out there!

Some will know I spent two full days out of the office last week (4-5 May) to attend the Australian VA Conference (AVAC). It was my first but the third AVAC held and each has been hosted here in Melbourne. However, that looks like that might be about to change for AVAC 2013. I was not in the position to attend the past two but so pleased I could make it this year and it was everything I had hoped for and more!

During 2011 I was invited to be part of a vodcast series with Business Victoria. The topic for the interview was using social media for business purposes. A topic I’m rather passionate about given the success I’ve had with it in my own small business. Business Victoria are more than aware of the success I’ve had in building my brand and making strong connections in the virtual space and I jumped at the opportunity to share my experience and knowledge to all the Victorian business owners who may still be skeptical!

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