If you’re a business owner who is still contemplating using social media but you don’t know where to start, you’re surprisingly not alone! However it’s now 2014 and social media isn’t a new concept anymore. In fact, it’s now viewed as mainstream media and has seemingly replaced the ‘traditional’ forms of marketing we once saw. Here are our 5 tips to stop you procrastinating and get you started with social media:

Social Media marketing is a term we hear quite a bit these days – but what does it really mean for your business? According to Content Marketing Australia, “The top 3 Social Media platforms used today are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.” If we break it down further – “75% of B2B marketers cite brand awareness as their main goal, whereas “80% of B2C marketers are driven by customer retention.” Whether you’re marketing directly to consumers or businesses, lets explore why Social Media Marketing should be a priority for you.

There’s a few little things you can do which will ensure your social media presence remains active and engaging. The following 7 tips will point you in the right direction: 1.    Optimise your accounts Ensure all your social media accounts are optimised with a professional, yet friendly photo, keyword rich bio and design work […]

Is your business on Social Media? Are you getting mixed results with it? If so, you’re not alone. Over the years, I’ve seen many businesses struggle because they put too much emphasis on promoting their products and services and not enough effort into creating authentic ‘engagement.’ So what’s the difference?

Last Thursday evening I was one of three panel members invited to participate in an open forum with local Camberwell business owners and traders. Given Melbourne put on some ridiculously wet weather, the turnout was pleasing with what felt like an almost full venue. Read more about the questions and discussions from the evening…

I’ll be one of three presenters at the Camberwell Business Social Media forum on Thursday, 30 May 2013 from 5.30pm to be held at St John’s Anglican Church, 552 Burke Road, Camberwell VIC. Social media is now a critical marketing tool for business, but it can be difficult to know where to start. Find out which social […]

Our ‘Social Media Set Up Guide’ and ‘Social Media Support Guide’ have proven to be extremely popular over the years. We initially developed these back in 2009, when after setting up our client’s social media accounts, they then required support. After a number of emails with ‘How do I do…?’ and ‘Where can I find…?’ I realised a support guide would be beneficial for both my client and myself! And so these guides were created…

“Tag me on Facebook”. “Follow me on Twitter”. “Like my photo on Instagram”. “Reblog my post”. “Subscribe to my YouTube channel”. “Repin my photo on Pinterest”.

You’ve surely heard of the phrases above. And, most likely, you’ve heard of the loosely used term Social Media. Originally, it referred to the series of “conversations” that people have online. Now, it encompasses more than just conversations, it includes almost every online activity in existence—bookmarking, networking, sharing, posting, uploading, tagging, commenting, chatting, blogging, etc.

Social media support servicesMany business owners acknowledge the value and power of social media but they are also aware of the time it can take out of your day to maintain that presence. We are beginning to hear more and more, ‘I’m struggling to keep up with the activity and all the changes to the platforms – I need help!’

Social media for businessMore than likely, you have some idea of what Social Media is about, and you could well be active in one or more of the social media communities. How do you choose what platforms to be involved in for your business, and which do you choose to leave alone? You can’t possibly be part of all the social media communities that are out there!

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