With the world still recovering from the most recent recession, some employees find it prudent to keep their heads low and try not to stir up trouble. Times are tough, and jobs are few and far between. That being said, as an employee, you do have rights in the workplace.

Any business executive can attest to the fact that starting a new business is an enormous challenge that requires a huge commitment from the owner and top management staff. Given the grim statistics about the percentage of new businesses that fail, any entrepreneur seeking to beat the odds must carefully navigate the best path to […]

The HR sector has undergone some radical changes recently, with almost every aspect of it being affected by fluctuations in the economy. Businesses must cut costs whilst maintaining high levels of service, meaning HR departments must provide effective solutions to recruitment and staff issues in a difficult market. Instead of traditional on-premise software packages to manage HR functions, more and more businesses are turning to SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) HR solutions. Could your company benefit from this strategic approach?

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