When I started Interim Business Solutions way back in November 2005, working from home wasn’t the norm. My business was like a ninja; hidden from view and no one could know of my home-based existence.

For the past 11+ years as a Virtual Assistant, I’ve worked from my little home office. The same 4 walls, every day, all day. Some days I felt like thumping my head against the wall. My very plain and boring wall. I was getting over it all.

If the title itself is not enough to grab your attention, then the style of this gorgeous little book will. Written by Rosie Shilo, owner and founder of the network for virtual assistants, Virtually Yours, VA VA Voom is a book of business tales and a how-to manual all in one.

Online marketing is the need of the hour and in spite of the fact that it’s extraordinary to get free exposure, you have to attempt beyond any doubt to ensure your endeavors are not in vain. You must know who your potential customers are and where they hang out, to abstain from turning your wheels. Speaking of which, here are few online solutions for modernising your growing home business.

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