To meet today’s economic challenges, it is vital to rely on every possible avenue to search for new clients and contacts and even more important to manage them in the best possible way. Technology is a good enabler for finding new contacts and for building and managing them. Join us for this webinar when Joseph Bega will cover…

Are you wondering if, when, why and how you should choose a niche? I’m sharing my secrets and answering all your questions including, when you should determine a niche, how to select the one that works best for you and why a niche can help you build a bigger business. I’ll cover the ways that focusing on a specific niche can make you the BIG income you’ve always wanted and help you close the sale more often with new prospects. Discover how pin-pointing your niche…

Do you work from multiple locations, pay for individual solutions or constantly chasing technology? As technology changes it may not be immediately obvious how it can affect your business or how to gain a benefit. Make life easier for yourself, in your organisation to collaborate, communicate and share information securely. Join our webinar and learn how to benefit from the cloud.

Instead of our regular monthly round table, we are hosting an end of year celebration to round up the year. Come along for a virtual coffee and cake (BYO real stuff) on Thursday 29 November at 11:30am AEDT.

Bring along your success stories for the year and share your vision for 2013.

Warwick Merry - Get More SuccessToo many business owners get home at the end of the day questioning “is it really worth it?” They are working hard towards Business Success without really knowing what it is. Warwick Merry, The Get More Guy, has worked with thousands of individuals and businesses to show them how to Get More out of business and life. Discover some of the easy-to-implement tips, tools and techniques you can use to increase your own success as Warwick shares his ideas and strategies on how to Get More.

Whether you realize it or not, most of us are project managers, in fact, managing projects is becoming more and more a part of everyone’s day-to-day job. It’s not enough to be super organized anymore – you MUST have some project management skills to stay on top of all the clients (and all their activities!) that you manage each and every day. If you are spending way too much time chasing tasks, if you have trouble delegating, if your online project management system is a disaster or if you crave an integrated process for managing your team, projects and business, then you NEED some project management know-how.

Webinar: Using Technology to Market Your BusinessRegardless of the size of your business, technology is a tool that is here to stay. Choosing to utilise it is a smart move; choosing to ignore it could leave you left behind or out of business. Donna Hanson of Prime Solutions will show you how to promote your business using low to no cost tools to drive prospects to your business and how to make it happen…

LinkedIn LeverageIn this presentation Jo will guide you through the key parts of your LinkedIn profile, recommend which areas to tweak to improve your Google rank to help you get found for your niche. You will learn how to leverage Groups, Company Pages, how to get recommendations and build your network.

bored studentDo you have clients (or yourself for that matter) who have Powerpoint presentations that put the audience to sleep? Would you like to get some tips on how to keep your audience interested, engaged, motivated and eager for your next point?

Discover the real purpose of why the audience is there.

Webinar: Top 5 TechnologiesAre your clients introducing you to new technologies? It should be the other way around! Stay ahead of your clients by knowing 5 top technologies that will make you look like an expert, and give your client confidence to turn their business over to you. Hear Lisa Cumes discuss the following tools and resources you can implement into your business…

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