Relationship Marketing Results in 100th Twitter Inquiry

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It wasn’t until 3 years into my business when my business situation changed dramatically due to the GFC, that I needed to consider marketing, advertising or networking to gain more exposure.

I began dabbling with social media 2.5 years ago. The changed situation meant I had the time to invest to do this properly and ‘network’! It was then I realised I didn’t need to spend dollars advertising or attending expensive networking functions but I could simply build relationships in the virtual space. Yes, I am now all for social media and ‘relationship marketing’ and it has proven a very successful method. Mind you, what better place for a virtual assistant to be seen, than in the virtual community!

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn has resulted in valuable business connections beyond my local area to reach a global audience. This has greatly increased the reach to potential clients and business alliances.

A Twitter milestone was reached last Friday when I received the 100th inquiry via my Twitter network. I say ‘network’ rather than ‘followers’ because for me, Twitter has allowed me to create an amazingly valuable network. A network which I choose not just to broadcast to but one I choose to engage with, listen to and be a connector for others. Some 126 people I have now met face to face (who I did not know pre-Twitter) and who have been added to my ‘In Real Life‘ Twitter List.

You can see from the graph below how significant Twitter as a lead generator has been during the past 2 years compared to the more traditional method such as the Yellow Pages which covers the 5 years of being in business but not only has Twitter generated leads, the conversions are there also!

Social media, if done properly and not abused, will assist you to:

  • expose your business.
  • build your brand.
  • build credibility, and
  • most importantly, gain trust from your network and this is when the interest in your products/services will take off.

Have you embraced social media for relationship marketing or open to give it a go? Take your first step and come and connect with me on Twitter!

Lead generation statistics

5 Responses to Relationship Marketing Results in 100th Twitter Inquiry

  1. Paul Hassing says:

    Wow, Kirsty! This is really impressive. I certainly agree with all your points. I’ve picked up leads and business this way too, but your performance leaves me for dead. You must be doing something very right. Congratulations! (And thanks for giving me proof to send to unbelievers.) Best regards, P. 🙂

  2. Yes, Twitter has been pretty amazing and the lovely 100th inquirer just converted now, so the 44 is now 45! 🙂

  3. Well done Kirsty. I have to count myself as one of your happy statistics and love that we found each other via Twitter and even have met in person despite being interstate. You are a great resource of information. Though as you know I still have a long list to work through of your suggestions, tips and techniques. Also appreciate your collaborative spirit and willingness to share the love amongst your VA network. x Jenn

  4. Yes, Jenn you are one of my stats! Twitter is an amazing space to meet fabulous ‘real’ people like yourself but it has also lead to me being super busy and I don’t have time for Twitter like I did in the early days. I do miss those early ‘buzzing’ days. It was so raw and new and exciting!

  5. Sofia says:

    You certainly know your stuff Kirsty!

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