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Social Media Setup Guide - Twitter, Facebook and LinkedInWith all the recent changes (and more to come!) to Facebook Pages, theĀ ‘Social Media Setup Guide‘ and ‘Social Media Support Guide‘ have now been updated to reflect yet another lot of Facebook changes. Yes, these Social Media e-books are a constant work-in-progress thanks to Facebook!

However, at Interim Business Solutions, we do make every effort to ensure these Guides remain up-to-date so the purchaser is getting the most current information. Whether it be to create their accounts to get started on social media or, if they have existing accounts but need further information as to how to best manage them.

The Setup Guide includes a detailed step-by-step procedure supported by screen shots of setting up a Page with the new upgrade. There are also tips for your Profile and how to expose your Page from your Profile. I see so many business owners with their Profile listing their workplace but a Community Page has been created. Here you can infact have your proper Page linked. This allows friends to readily access and join your Page.

The best tip if you’re actively involved in social media networking is to cross-reference your accounts and websites where-ever you can. People may know you are on Twitter but may not remember your Twitter handle readily, so have it available for them to find on both your Facebook Profile, Page (if you have one) and LinkedIn. Ensure your network buttons are on your website and blog. Make it easy as possible for people to find you … everywhere!

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