How Social Media Can Generate Sales

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During 2011 I was invited to be part of a vodcast series with Business Victoria. The topic for the interview was using social media for business purposes. A topic I’m rather passionate about given the success I’ve had with it in my own small business. Business Victoria are more than aware of the success I’ve had in building my brand and making strong connections in the virtual space and I jumped at the opportunity to share my experience and knowledge to all the Victorian business owners who may still be skeptical!

Here I give practical tips on how to use social media to find customers, build business credibility and generate sales.

The complete vodcast series can be viewed on the Business Victoria Youtube Channel where small business owners share their experience of starting their business, including the successes, achievements and mistakes they’ve made along the way. Benefit from their hindsight as they give advice and tips for other small businesses on a range of problem areas from finance and employment to marketing.

You can access the transcript here.

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  1. Terry French says:

    Thanks for the video! I would love to watch an extended version of it, that goes more in depth about this specific matter, i.e. social media. The other videos on the YouTube channel are interesting but personally this is what interests me the most right now on a business level.

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