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…and all it took was a change in scenery

For the past 11+ years as a Virtual Assistant, I’ve worked from my little home office. The same 4 walls, every day, all day. Some days I felt like thumping my head against the wall. My very plain and boring wall. I was getting over it all.

Over the past 14 years since we bought our home, we’ve renovated and refreshed many rooms (some even twice). But never my little home office. It’s not that I didn’t want to, but it really seemed like hard work.

Picture this. My home office is a small 4th bedroom, filled with 2 small desks, computers, printers, a large 4 drawer filing cabinet, a bookcase, an antique heirloom wardrobe, a chest of drawers and general ‘stuff’. The thought of moving all of that meant the home office reno landed in the too hard basket – repeatedly.


What did I look at every day in my home office?

Little unpainted plaster patches (from where nails had popped through the wall and been repaired – from a bathroom reno 8 YEARS EARLIER), well-worn ‘polished’ floor boards, and a super dusty venetian blind. It was NOT a nice work space and it was no wonder I’d lost my passion for working.


But then a small miracle happened…

I don’t want to sound too excited, but my daughter moved out in August. After her bedroom was fumigated and renovated, I could move some of the excess furniture and the ‘stuff’ to her room. The exciting part was that I finally had space in my home office – and the perfect chance to renovate.


Home office renovations are hard work (but totally worth it)

If you’re a parent and you put those glow in the dark star stickers on the roof, let me tell you how painful they are to remove after being painted over! Painting preparation took ages but worth it to get the paint job looking perfect. We had proper office down-lights and new carpet installed and ordered two new desks. Although I’m still waiting on my new window coverings and it could do with a splash of orange here and there, my home office is now a place I WANT to go every day.

Now I’m totally motivated to ‘go to work’ every day

You’d be surprised what a fresh, new office can do for your motivation levels. I am full of excitement and can’t wait to get into my office and work with my clients. I am absolutely loving this new workspace and I’m ready to rock for another 11+ years (although I really hope to have moved to a tropical paradise before another 11 years’ pass).


Take advantage of my booming motivation in 2017

I’d do just about anything to stay in my new home office a little bit longer – that’s how motivated my new office has left me!

So, if you’re after an extra pair of hands to assist with your business administration, social media, or anything you detest doing or don’t have the time to do, please feel free to toss it my way. I’m ready to rock 2017 – are you?


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