These 4 key filing convention tips will keep your virtual folders and files sorted and tidy. This includes consistent file naming and ensuring all files are organised in a logical way with the versions also clearly labelled.

Are you stopping for a break over the festive season? Have you advised your clients, suppliers and general community of your office closure period? Here are 7 sure-fire hints to guarantee your clients and general community know you’re taking a break.

You want to keep travelling. After all, it’s a major part of your business. Without it, you would be out of business. At the same time, you need to figure out how to cut corners without cutting quality. You also don’t want to put your life in danger just to save a buck. Here’s how […]

2014, it’s the year of the innovator. With websites, phone apps, and gadgets being sold for millions of dollars, it has everyone trying to start their own business—because let’s face it, who wants to work for someone else? The world is at your fingertips…it’s yours for the taking.

Business risk management can be described as a process of identifying, assessing and prioritizing risks. This is normally followed by economical and coordinated application of resources in a bid to minimize and finally control the impact and/or probability of unfortunate events. 5 tips that small business can use to this effect include…

Any business executive can attest to the fact that starting a new business is an enormous challenge that requires a huge commitment from the owner and top management staff. Given the grim statistics about the percentage of new businesses that fail, any entrepreneur seeking to beat the odds must carefully navigate the best path to […]

You have a business card – why wouldn’t you? The thing is, how do you get other people to share it? You put card holders in strategic places, hand them out at social functions, yet it feels like you’re working really hard and not hearing the phone ring. Maybe what you need is to make your card a little more shareable. Here are 6 strategies for designing a business card with sharability.

Make your new year resolution to check the ‘health’ of your business. It’s so easy to do. Most of us find early January to be our quiet time so it’s the perfect time to work ON your business rather than IN it. Here are 5 easy steps to review your business for the New Year.

Skype etiquetteSkype has been part of my business since its inception and I’ve been a big Skype fan since installing it more than 8 years ago. When it was still very much in its infancy! My early use was mostly for contact with friends in Europe, however that all changed when this virtual assistant business started in 2005.

Skype is now used on a daily basis for both cheap, if not free, phone calls and instant messaging (IM), however with its screen sharing feature…

As a business offering virtual assistant services I am always on the lookout for tools and resources which make working virtually more efficient and allows us to assist our clients better.

Here’s my list of 10 favourite FREE iPhone Apps for business…

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