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A URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is of course your domain and all extensions, so include a test of your additional pages to ensure your content has not been copied.

Interim Business Solutions, your Virtual Assistant from Melbourne Australia, can help you with your Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin!I must admit, I thoroughly enjoy working online. I’m not addicted because I do equally enjoy a ‘digital-detox’ but I do find it fulfilling to assist clients where ever possible and socialise within my online business networks. I never thought I would enjoy a career in business administration considering I’m a four year trained Primary School teacher but I do, and I have a real passion for it once more.


Many of you will be more than aware that businesses are embracing and migrating to social media and in particular Facebook. The simple reason for this is the static website and emails, in essence, are old technology. The digital world is moving fast and the modern Web 2.0 tools of today are allowing people to engage instantaneously.

Websites and blogs are making it easier for the reader to share the website page or blog post with their friends by adding Facebook ‘Like’ buttons and Twitter ‘Retweet’ buttons. You will be noticing these appearing more and more. Social media is filtering through to all levels of the online world.

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an independent contractor and not an employee. They are small business owners themselves, giving them greater understanding of where and how they can assist other businesses. A VA becomes an integral part of your business, assisting from a remote location.

VAs are not just a home-based secretary. Most VAs held senior positions in the corporate world, generally as Executive Assistants, Office Managers or similar. They are multi skilled, extremely flexible and have that ‘Can do’ attitude, after all, they have set up and are operating their own business.

Yes, there’s excitement in this VA office with the launch of our new website. This first blog post represents the official launch and my biased opinion declaring it “a work of art!”

It has been a work-in-progress for a couple of months but has been well worth the wait to ensure it clearly represents Interim Business Solutions, the business direction and a clear navigation catering for the quick visit, to those who wish to browse a bit more, to those who wanted all their questions answered about engaging a virtual support team for whatever their business needs are.

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