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Alliance for Virtual Businesses - Australian ChapterI was approached some weeks ago now and asked if I’d be interested in joining a number of prominent Australian Virtual Assistants to form a Steering Committee. Firstly, I was flattered to be considered amongst the line up of virtual assistants who were listed on this email. Secondly, the Steering Committee was in relation to forming the foundations of the ‘Alliance for Virtual Businesses (A4VB) – Australian Chapter’ and how wonderful and exciting for the industry here in Australia.

It didn’t really take too much consideration to say “Yes, I want to be part of that!”. So, over the past few weeks the Steering Committee was established and each of us were allocated different jobs to complete in order to pull it altogether for the announcement which was scheduled to align with the IVAD celebrations at OIVAC. This announcement was Saturday morning just gone (Australian time!).

What the Alliance Stands For

A4VB Australia is the Alliance for Virtual Businesses’ chapter in Australia and its role is to provide a local support base for its Australian members under the umbrella of the US-based Alliance for Virtual Businesses. A4VB is about learning, sharing and networking to support each other in our business goals and needs.

If you too are a virtual business owner, you might like to head on over and register. There’s free or elite membership on offer and great value on the Elite membership for the next 30 days.

You can also keep up to date with the Alliance news via Twitter and Facebook on the links below…and, yes, these were my responsibility!



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