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Interim Business Solutions offers you a little extra help running your business, as and when you need it. Our team of VAs specialise in social media support but you'll also find the expert help you need for transcription, office administration, and online marketing including Mailchimp e-newsletters.

If you're not quite sure exactly how a VA can help your business, we suggest 60 ways!

We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes, across all kinds of industries. Our experience means you won't spend more time explaining a task than it would take to do it yourself. You can trust us to get the job done right, the first time.

We talk about helping your business become more efficient through a partnership with Interim Business Solutions and we mean it! If we can see a more efficient approach that will save you some money, we'll tell you!

In May 2011, Interim Business Solutions joined a number of Australian Virtual Assistants to launch an Australian Chapter for the 'Alliance for Virtual Businesses' (A4VB). We were also a Telstra Business Award Nominee in 2011 and 2012 and Thomas Leonard International Virtual Assistant of Distinction Award Nominee in 2011.

Learn more about Australian Virtual Assistant Kirsty Wilson owner of Interim Business Solutions

How a Virtual Assistant Supports

There are 60 ways a Virtual Assistant can support you and your Business. This Virtual Assistant Business can assist with your social media setup, training and management of all your accounts, create a customised Facebook Page cover image, and more.

About Kirsty Wilson

The woman behind the solutions

Most careers include some twists and turns and mine is no different. My first vocation was a primary school teacher but I've been working in senior business management and administration roles for more than 20 years now. How time flies!

I started Interim Business Solutions in 2005 but I actually had the idea in 2000. I was holidaying in Darwin; sipping cocktails by the pool, writing a business plan and reflecting on the challenges my employer would face if I were to leave.

Learn more about Australian Virtual Assistant Kirsty Wilson owner of Interim Business Solutions
The timing wasn't right but I could see the potential for matching business owners with administration staff that were skilled, reliable and affordable. When my employer sold his business, it was the kick up the bum I needed to do my own thing!

I love offering the kind of service I like to receive.
I love working with small business owners who see us as a valuable part of their business.
I love helping them get on with whatever they're passionate about.
I love social media and the people it has connected me with.

I have a serious travel bug that I haven't been able to shake. Nor do I want to! I've travelled to more than 35 countries around the world and I have a long list of places I still want to visit.

You might be interested in some other things I love.

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This virtual assistant business can...

  1. Assist with your social media setup, training and management of all your accounts.
  2. Create a customised Facebook Page Landing/Welcome Tab and side banner.
  3. Install relevant applications on Facebook & LinkedIn to further promote your skills or business.
  4. Send out a follow up letter to names on business cards collected at a recent networking event.
  5. Document your Policy and Procedure manuals or update them with current information.
  6. Assist with your online e-marketing. Campaign management & keeping Lists up to date.
  7. Re-create and update your price list and make sure it reaches the necessary audience.
  8. Assist you to work through your daily 'To Do' list.
  9. Be your sounding board for new ideas, events, products or services.
  10. Create necessary and consistent business forms and templates.
  11. Add that final polishing touch to a Tender Submission.
  12. Submit your business website to free business directories (estimated 15-20).
  13. Put together a 'Welcome' package for new clients.
  14. Create your stationery requirements such as letterheads, business cards, With Compliment Slips, Fax cover sheet, flyers and brochures.
  15. Prepare an online 'Client Satisfaction Questionnaire' and review the returned results.
  16. Be the contact person for any functions which require an R.S.V.P.
  17. Transcribe a variety of file types.
  18. Assist in locating seminars, trade shows, conferences and workshops for you or your staff to attend.
  19. Undertake online research for your business or personal requirements.
  20. Create a PowerPoint presentation. These can now be added to your LinkedIn profile.
  21. Be the contact person for attendees to your organised workshop, presentation or event.
  22. Submit articles written by you to free article sites to increase exposure for you and your business.
  23. Manage your emails. Have them forward to us for sorting and managing.
  24. Obtain quotes to have your marketing material printed.
  25. Design a business logo and all necessary stationery.
  26. Enter collected business cards into your online CRM.
  27. Assist with your travel plans and arrangements.
  28. Format your e-book and give it some pizzazz.
  29. Receive your faxes on your behalf and follow up, file or flag for your attention.
  30. Assist with the advertising and short listing of candidates for an office or administration role.
  31. Prepare correspondence and mail it out to a specific mailing list.
  32. Create certificates for employee of the month or acknowledgement of training completed.
  33. Track dates for performance reviews and remind you to complete them with a specific employee.
  34. Help develop your written products by researching publishers, editors, copywriters and designers.
  35. Proofread and edit your work before it gets released.
  36. Provide monthly website statistics from your cPanel or Google Analytics.
  37. Remind you of birthdays, appointments, anniversaries and bill payments.
  38. Document Position Descriptions, Employment Applications, Leave Forms and phone Referees when placing new staff.
  39. Assist with general management of your Website or Blog.
  40. Research topics for your blog, articles or newsletters.
  41. Research your target market via the internet or social media platforms.
  42. Assist with streamlining your office systems to keep you on track, organised and efficient.
  43. Format Training Manuals and Workbooks.
  44. Assist with assembling a Business Plan.
  45. Offer time saving shortcuts to manage your daily tasks. (i.e. email rules)
  46. Create labels for a general mail-out or for special invitations.
  47. Assist with the promotion of your business, workshops, events both online and offline.
  48. Add your Events to your LinkedIn Account and Facebook Page.
  49. Access your PC when necessary to complete tasks to keep you on track.
  50. Follow up outstanding debtors and send monthly Statements.
  51. Design labels for your CDs.
  52. Create a database for mail-merge of a mailing list for a large mail-out.
  53. Summarise data collected and results in a report of surveys conducted.
  54. Order and send flowers to names on your contact list for birthdays and other specialoccasions.
  55. Clarify your CRM database details are still current and up-to-date.
  56. Create specialised correspondence such as request for sponsorship or letter of introduction.

Support for Individuals

  1. Assist and format your Resume and cover letter in preparation for job hunting.
  2. Type and format student assignments and presentations.
  3. Receive emails and faxes on your behalf.
  4. Design party invitations and have them mailed on your behalf.
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