July 2014

If the title itself is not enough to grab your attention, then the style of this gorgeous little book will. Written by Rosie Shilo, owner and founder of the network for virtual assistants, Virtually Yours, VA VA Voom is a book of business tales and a how-to manual all in one.

Your energy bills are too high. That’s not good business. To reflect progress on next month’s bills, consider the following steps to lower energy needs and costs.

When you are running your own business, you will want to keep your costs as low as possible in order to maximise your profits, as in some cases this will be your only source of income. You are able to save money on some of the expenses that are involved in the running of the business as these expenses are tax deductible which means your total tax liability can be reduced by the amount of money that you have spent on these items.

I was pondering my logo just recently and it has, to me, always had a meaning. Three in fact. I queried on Facebook whether people might be able to guess what the meaning was and I had some interesting responses, of which I thought was worth blogging about.

Blog promotion matters. Creating a high quality blog is one thing but getting it in front of your readers is another. Creating a high quality piece and sitting around hoping that people will (somehow) find it is as good as not creating one.

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