March 2013

I’ve been aware of the Mobile Business Centre operated by Business Victoria for some time and have always been slightly curious about its offerings. So when I recently learned it was coming to the nearby suburb of Olinda, this local virtual assistant decided to register and see what it was all about.

I am noticing more and more people are becoming sloppy with their tweets and I am talking about professionals who should know better! Yes, the numbers have grown considerably with the younger generation migrating from Facebook to Twitter where they feel they aren’t being monitored by their parents and you see the text speak… ‘I heart you Justin Bieber 4 eva’.

Are you wondering if, when, why and how you should choose a niche? I’m sharing my secrets and answering all your questions including, when you should determine a niche, how to select the one that works best for you and why a niche can help you build a bigger business. I’ll cover the ways that focusing on a specific niche can make you the BIG income you’ve always wanted and help you close the sale more often with new prospects. Discover how pin-pointing your niche…

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