September 2012

Iggy Pintado is an accomplished and experienced business leader, adviser, author, speaker and a good friend who I have also had the pleasure to meet offline. He is currently Director of Marketing and Innovation at UXC Connect. In April 2009, Iggy published his first book, ‘Connection Generation‘, a fascinating study of how connectedness affects our place in society and business and the challenges and opportunities this compelling development presents.

Nett Magazine Cover Story - September 2012 IssueI had an exciting experience recently when I was tagged by a friend on Facebook to alert me to the fact I’d been published in the September Issue of the Nett Magazine, and it was the cover story! I had earlier responded to a call out by Source Bottle for business owners who’d had success with Twitter. I was interviewed by Gregor Stronach and subsequently included in a six page spread with a couple of other business owners. You can read the transcript below of the section of the article which I was included.

How to turn visibility into profitabilityMany people have attended a networking function or heard the term networking or word-of-mouth … but how do you create a word-of-mouth program for your business? In this webinar we will cover three specific topics so that you can turn your visibility into profitability.

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