August 2012

I was a bit stuck for a post this month. The creative juices just weren’t flowing freely. I suspect a holiday is needed and thank goodness, one is booked for the end of this month!

So, I have decided to elaborate on the ‘About Us‘ page and offer more about me as the founder/owner of Interim Business Solutions. Who I am, what I like to do outside of my business life and what I stand for as a business owner.

So a little more about me…

Social media for businessMore than likely, you have some idea of what Social Media is about, and you could well be active in one or more of the social media communities. How do you choose what platforms to be involved in for your business, and which do you choose to leave alone? You can’t possibly be part of all the social media communities that are out there!

Webinar: Using Technology to Market Your BusinessRegardless of the size of your business, technology is a tool that is here to stay. Choosing to utilise it is a smart move; choosing to ignore it could leave you left behind or out of business. Donna Hanson of Prime Solutions will show you how to promote your business using low to no cost tools to drive prospects to your business and how to make it happen…

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