February 2012

Cloud Computing – what is it really and how can it help you run your business from just about anywhere, or use a distributed staff / sub contractor base to deliver service?

How do you integrate mail, document handling and smart phones – to provide an effective and efficient way to manage your business in a distributed fashion?

In this presentation, Charly Leetham from ‘Ask Charly Leetham‘ will discuss what ‘cloud computing’ is in simple terms, email / document distribution and management and smart phone integration!

During 2011 I was invited to be part of a vodcast series with Business Victoria. The topic for the interview was using social media for business purposes. A topic I’m rather passionate about given the success I’ve had with it in my own small business. Business Victoria are more than aware of the success I’ve had in building my brand and making strong connections in the virtual space and I jumped at the opportunity to share my experience and knowledge to all the Victorian business owners who may still be skeptical!

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