November 2011

social media momentumEntering the world of social media networking for business purposes is a decision not to be taken lightly. Whilst the main platforms of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the new comer Google Plus are all free, what it does cost you, is your time.

You will be rewarded for your social media efforts if you can ensure your accounts meet the following and momentum maintained.

The importance of Contracts

If you’re a contractor – including a VA – you need to have a contract! In a recent survey of Australian VAs, 31% never have a client sign a contract before work commences and nearly 12% only require it sometimes! Contracts are important – not just from a legal protection standpoint but because without one you miss out on one of the key tests for categorising yourself as a contractor rather than employee. Are you dicing with danger?

In this webinar, Ken Phillips, co-founder and Executive Director of Independent Contractors Australia will cover:

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