November 2010

Fifth year in business for this Virtual Assistant business based in Melbourne AustraliaYes, it’s our biz-birthday today and this Virtual Assistant office turns FIVE! Where has that time gone? During the past five years I’ve been so fortunate to meet some amazing people. We have many loyal clients, some who have been with us for quite sometime and some who have only just joined us. Either, seem more than happy to continue to refer – thank you!

So what’s planned for the next five years?

Copyscape will check the web for copied content from your websiteDon’t forget to check your website regularly for plagiarism. I suggest to diarise to check your site monthly using the tool and run a check on all website URLs.

A URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is of course your domain and all extensions, so include a test of your additional pages to ensure your content has not been copied.

Interim Business Solutions, your Virtual Assistant from Melbourne Australia, can help you with your Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin!I must admit, I thoroughly enjoy working online. I’m not addicted because I do equally enjoy a ‘digital-detox’ but I do find it fulfilling to assist clients where ever possible and socialise within my online business networks. I never thought I would enjoy a career in business administration considering I’m a four year trained Primary School teacher but I do, and I have a real passion for it once more.

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